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Tapewise CDThanks for your interest in the Tapewise software. Please fill in the form below in order for us to evaluate your request, and send you the level of sotware we think would best suite your needs. The trial is in the form of a download (under 10mb) and once you install it we require a "Fingerprint" from your PC (generated by Tapewise) in order to give you an evaluation key at the required level. The standard trial period is 14 days and please feel free to contact us during that period for any help or problems, using or understanding the Tapewise software.

Please use a company email address, free email accounts will be declined
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LICENSE AGREEMENT : I agree that this software will be used for THE PURPOSE OF ITS EVALUATION ONLY, and I have a non-exclusive and non-transfereable license. Should I use this product to perform any job related duties or to solve any job related problems, I AGREE TO PURCHASE AT LEAST ONE COPY of the product. This license is effective for a period of fourteen days (14) days from the time you first run it. I may terminate it by destroying the programs together with all copies in any form.
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