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TEM technology

One of our most inovative developments is called TEMĀ© technology, which stands for "Tape Error Mapping".

On every Write/Read task that Tapewise performs, it monitors the errors produced at preset intervals (different for each type of media). This information is mapped in real-time and can be examined in more detail in graphical format. At the end of each task this information is stored in the Tapewise database so that it can be reproduced in the future. The maps produced by Tapewise give a clear and concise picture of the tape, and immediately highlight areas of concern.

TEM Graph

For example, which one of these two DLT tapes would you use to backup your data? (Hint: The green area on the back of the graph shows our maximum acceptance threshold level!)

These results are almost always reproducable, even on different drives, which would indicate there is a problem with the tape media itself. Tapewise highlights these potentially unreadable tapes allowing you to remove them from the media pool before they cause a serious or catastrophic problem.

This does not mean data can not be read from a tape that has exceeded our threshold levels. However the media concerned should be copied and the tape removed from the tape media pool so that the chances of an "unrecoverable read error" is eliminated.




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