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Tuesday, 18 September 2007 20:07
Launch of Tapewise Enterprise the unique tape “QUALITY media” management tool, Tapewise introduces remote management through Gresham Computing deal.
Tape is dead! Long live tape!
Launch of Tapewise Enterprise the unique tape “QUALITY media” management tool, Tapewise introduces remote management through Gresham Computing deal
Farnborough, Hampshire, UK – 18th September 2007 – Data Product Services (, the pioneer of TEM (tape error mapping) technology software, today announces the release of Tapewise Enterprise. The latest version integrates Gresham Computing’s remote management capability in a move that reinforces the commitment to move Tapewise into the enterprise market. Tapewise and Gresham have entered into an embedded technology agreement to extend the reach of Tapewise into the Automated Cartridge System Library Software (ACSLS) environment. Gresham Clareti EDT will now be embedded in the Tapewise offering making this powerful media management tool available remotely.
Some Tapewise Enterprise product highlights:
Web-based browsing and active monitoring of media
Minimum system integration impact (uses the B port of the drive’s dual port)
Remote management capability using Clareti EDT to remotely access tape libraries from Sun/Storagetek. No more requirements to physically move the tapes, so more can be checked quicker
Multiple simultaneous library connectivity support
The introduction of Red, Amber and Green traffic light indicators for tape media condition (Tape Error Mapping Percentage also known as TEMP). This means that occasional error spiking is not making a good tape appear to be at risk
Tapewise is so powerful that tape library manufacturers and tape media manufacturers use it as part of their quality/testing process worldwide. It is an ideal tool for third party tape vaulting, disaster recovery and data recovery service providers whose customers rely on the integrity and quality of the tape media, as well as enterprise customers with large volumes of tape.
The addition of remote management is a welcome move for Tapewise users. Dr Charles Curran, Physicist and Storage Consultant at the European Organization for Nuclear Research, CERN comments: “We have been using Tapewise at CERN very successfully over the last six months, we have been able to give media in our vast tape silo the all-clear. With the introduction of the remote management function the process will speed up considerably.”
Dr Curran continues: “Remote management is something my team are extremely grateful for as we gear up the tape environment for the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) project which goes online in 2008. Petabytes of extremely useful physics data will be held on tapes which have been spot checked and deemed fit for purpose by Tapewise. This is a very useful tool for us to maintain data integrity in the long term and to check on apparent problems.”
"The transfer of data to magnetic tape is part of every day life in IT departments", said Claus Egge, Program Director, IDC. "Many IT professionals recognise tape handling as a time consuming process, and would benefit from getting insight into the health and performance of their tape assets."
Chris Young, Managing Director – EMEA Storage, Gresham Enterprise Storage adds: “One of our customers encouraged DPS to speak with us as they wanted our products to work together. It was clear from our first conversation that there was synergy between our businesses and that by embedding our product within DPS’ TapeWise product that we would be able to help DPS deliver a far more powerful and valuable product to customers. As Gresham has long held the belief that tape is a key element of any sensible backup strategy, Tapewise represents a lifesaver for anyone relying on data on tape. In a business continuity scenario, the time to find out that media is bad is before laying the data onto it, not when you are trying to recover it.”
Matthew Augier, Managing Director, Data Product Services concludes, “Clareti EDT gives Tapewise the final piece of the enterprise puzzle for all of the 7 out of 10 enterprise storage environments that prefer tape for backup and often archive of mission critical data. Healthy media optimises backups and critically speeds up restore if and when needed.”
What is Tapewise?
Tapewise is software that writes data to a tape and then reads it again, tracking any errors, soft recoverable ones or unrecoverable ones, that occur. It streams a whole tape through a drive in this way and, with its Tape Error Map (TEM) technology, produces a 3D graph showing errors encountered along the length of a tape when data was being read and written.
The user can decide what an acceptable error rate is and that boundary will be shown on the graph with any error rates above the user-defined norm instantly visible. Any media problems can be immediately identified. The software supports a large number of tape formats: 3480; 3490; DLT; SDLT; 3590; 9840; 9940; T10000; LTOs 1, 2 and 3 and 3592.
Of course, tape errors can be caused by a faulty drive as well as by faulty tapes. Known good tapes can be used to compare one tape drive with another and, once again, errors on the tape are instantly visible and will indicate drive problems such as shoe-shining; constant stop-start cycles because of inadequately writing data or reading data by the drive. So when Tapewise is first installed DPS recommends the testing to identify a gold tape drive and a gold tape media.
About CERN’s use of Tapewise
Dr Charles Curran is available to discuss CERN’s use of Tapewise, but please note the case study from CERN is still under construction and will be available in September 2007. Please also note Dr Curran will be a keynote speaker on Business Intelligence at this year’s Storage Expo in London’s Olympia on 17th October 2007.
About Data Product Services (
Data Product Services are developers specializing in database and niche products like Tapewise The team has over 10 years of proven tape quality media evaluation development experience. The company was founded in 1996 run by Matthew Augier, CEO and proprietor. For a free evaluation copy of Tapewise, please visit

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