Stress testing Tapewise Print
General news
Monday, 08 May 2006 19:44
TapewiseWe thought it was about time we tested Tapewise and really put it to the test. So we gathered our small selection of hardware (If there is anything on the list you wish to purcahse, please let us know!) and connected it all up to a single PC to see what would happen... After a couple of initial problems (looks like one of our 29160 cards went duff) we managed to get it all running together in perfect harmony. The results of this are visible via the "Downloads -> Screenshots" facility, where you can see the system pumping a grand total (grand total added for next release) of about 128mb/s over the bus using 4 HBA (2 fibre, 1HVD scsi, 1LVD scsi) on 9 different devices (and 3 loaders). We are hoping to add in the Sun T10000a drive to this as well, and see if we can make out the bus on this PC. Hope you like the screenshots!