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Tapewise Update
Monday, 18 February 2008 21:59

Since 2.50 came out we have put a few minor version in the customer support area, however we have just spent the last week or so doing some testing with a new debugging tool we are investing in. This did bring out a few areas to look at, and as such we have rewritten and improved some of the back end coding.

We also now have Automated testing running in the Enterprise addition when connected to an ACSLS controlled library. Although we do not have direct access to a large library to test on, we have done a lot of testing on our own smaller libraries to the best of our abilities. There is also some other changes to the ACSLS side of things to improve speed and reliability. Tapes in the ACSLS quarantine can also have different status as well allowing you to set tapes for automatic testing (Tapewise can also select tapes in a job as well)

Thanks to additional support form our customers we have managed to add support for Tandberg MLR1/MLR3/SLR60 drives, Quantum VS80/VS160 and LTO-4.

Various other improvements are : Results in HTML now colour band alternating rows to make it easier to follow; Log files are backed up every 5 minutes instead of at the end of jobs. The new "Volume label designer" is also implemented and used as a first check to identify the volume label as well.

All feedback on the improvements is welcome.




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