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Tapewise Update
Thursday, 20 July 2006 10:30

Tapewise releaseData Product Services Ltd. are pleased to announce the latest release of the Tapewise software. This is a recommended upgrade which is full of improvements, new hardware support and a couple of minor bug fixes, full list is available in the "Read more..." option below.

Our biggest new feature is the switch from static text to HTML reports at the end of a task, these include a mini TEM graph which is click-able to see a full size one. This is an option which needs to be changed in the setup screen so that the results are shown as HTML instead of plain text!

Please login using your DK3 number and password into the client area to download this latest revision.

Bug fix : About screen, date was over build info, this may happen but is now in a lighter colour so should not effect reading
Changed : Added Test Unit Ready before reserve, and If reserve fails, we not try to release and reserve again, in case there was a program failure.
Bug fix : Incorrect icons showing in SCSI scripting
Added : Performance screen now has a grand total option
Changed : Library setup form is now sizable
Bug fix : Move media screen, did not update slot list when you change libraries
Added : Dialog box, auto close, you can now click on the auto close countdown to stop/start it.
Changed : Custom coding for Fuji
Added : Support for SDLT600, changed stat info and also added MAM view support
Added : New option to allow drive to remember last sued density, rather than always use the default density. This is a new option that needs to be enabled in Setup->Specific
Change : Library usage is no longer limited by size, instead you only have access to the first X slots of any library, depending on your level (19/99/700)
Bug fix : Forms not being correctly freed when closing app and additional screens open
Changed : install routine/Memory def files which where missing
Added : Comport terminal VT100/ANSI emulator (SCSI tools only)
Added : Additional check to make sure libraries have at least one drive attachment available
Changed : SPTI on fail, if result is ERROR_SUCCESS then take it as command completed ok and do not fail it with -1018
Changed : HBA scan should now show correct name of controller
Bug Fix : Scan card detail was not showing correct max block size
Changed : "Log Select" command changed to use a buffer length of 0 as this was causing issues on some drives
Added : Support for Sun/STK T10000a drive
Added : Results now have a new HTMl format, showing small and large TEM graph (click to enlarge)
Changed : When results are produced, all previous resultX*.* are now deleted before creating new results.
Changed : Maximum block size is now 1mb tested and working, but dependant on controller card/software and settings.
Added : Warning on read test, if the block size is larger than the allowed size in memory. This shows incorrect throughput.




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