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Tapewise has been around for many years (over 10), having been through a number of changes, and a few name changes. Here is a short name history of Tapewise today, and you may of already heard of it!

Inspecto Plus for DOS

  • Inspector Plus (1993) : Originally the product was written for Graham Magnetics to test 3480 cartridges and prove that their media was the best available on the market. However Graham Magnetics got bought out by Anacomp who then took Inspector Plus to use in there factories to initialise media. Inspector plus was expanded to support libraries and initialised a few million 3480 (and later 3490e) cartridges.


  • Inspector Plus 2000 (1996) : After Microsoft launched Windows 95 and development tools progresed, we rewote Inspector Plus from scratch as a full GUI and FULL multi-tasking package, complete with a full database and reporting. The product was launched at CeBit in 1996 and sold exclusively via Anacomp (who later changed to E-Mag)


  • Tapewise (2000) : With E-Mag changing directions, we decided to end our exclusivity agreement with them and sell directly to companies ourselves. At this point Richard Augier joined his son Matthew (Managing Driector and Author of Tapewise) as his sales executive, and the company pushed forward. Tapewise expanded with the additional of our TEM technology, cartridge memory access, tape alert support and more!


  • Tapewise (2006) : We are still striving to improve and add new functionality to Tapewise to make it even better to our loyal clients. Changes with Tapewise are continuous, the most obvious being our new logo which we feel makes the product look a lot more professional. So that's the last 10+ years, here's looking forward to the next 10 years!



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